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Schedule of Events Tri-State DanceSport Championships 


Session 1 - Thursday Matinee

11:00AM Pro/Am-Mixed Amateur American Smooth Single Dances 01:42PM Pro/Am & Mixed Amateur Smooth Multi-Dance & WDSS Events

02:23PM Pro/Am Smooth Open Multi-Dance, 9 Dance & WDSS Events

03:02PM Pro/Am American Smooth Scholarship Events

04:12PM End of Session


Session 2 - Thursday Evening

06:30PM Pro/Am Night Club Solo Exhibitions

06:36PM Pro/Am-Mixed Amateur Night Club Single Dances

09:25PM Professional Rising Star Rhythm

09:34PM Professional Rising Star Ballroom

09:52PM Pro/Am & Mixed Amateur Night Club Multi-Dance Events

10:11PM Professional Rising Star Latin

10:21PM Professional Rising Star Smooth

11:12PM End of Session


Session 3 - Friday Matinee

10:00AM Pro/Am Theatre Arts Solo Exhibitions

10:03AM Pro/Am-Mixed Amateur American Rhythm Single Dances

12:40PM Pro/Am & Mixed Amateur Rhythm Multi-Dance & WDSS Events

01:06PM Pro/Am Open Rhythm Multi-Dance & WDSS Events

01:31PM Pro/Am American Rhythm Scholarship Events

02:25PM Pro/Am International Ballroom Solo Exhibitions

02:28PM Pro/Am-Mixed Amateur International Ballroom Single Dances

04:58PM End of Session


Session 4 - Friday Evening

07:00PM Pro/Am & Amateur Ballroom Multi-Dance & WDSS Events

08:15PM Pro/Am International Ballroom Scholarship Events

09:27PM Professional Cabaret

10:01PM Open Amateur Ballroom Championship Events

10:11PM Professional Smooth

10:19PM Professional Latin

11:19PM End of Session


Session 5 - Saturday Matinee

09:00AM Pro/Am International Latin Solo Exhibitions

09:03AM Pro/Am-Mixed Amateur International Latin Single Dances

12:55PM Pro/Am & Mixed Amateur Latin Multi-Dance & WDSS Events

02:51PM Pro/Am International Latin Scholarship Events

03:39PM Amateur Formation Team Exhibitions

05:00PM End of Session


Session 6 - Saturday Evening

08:30PM Adult Latin Amateur Multi-Dance Events

08:56PM Open Amateur Championship

09:26PM Professional Ballroom

09:36PM Professional Rhythm

10:50PM End of Session

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